New owner - Polo GTi 2020 from a bmw 220i

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New owner - Polo GTi 2020 from a bmw 220i

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Hey guys, I recently picked up a polo GTi 2020 as a replacement for my 220i bmw mostly due to the fact it has 5 doors, with the BMW i retrofitted a ton of options on it from radar cruise to traffic sign cameras etc

The GTi seems pretty well speced - already has the radar cruise and self park but im looking to start retrofitting stuff on this.

BMW had realoem to look for part numbers and diagrams - do VW have a resource

Also which golf would be comparable to this polo - i notice a lot more retrofits being done on golfs

My main retrofits i want to try out are:

Front camera (Windscreen, camera all other parts) - this is the main one i want to try
Heated front seats
Reversing camera (Think i got this sorted)
Blind spot warning - found a complete retrokit online
Wireless charging for the phone (genuine kit not the chinese add ons)
Auto climate control not the manual one - annoyed i didn't check the car had this before purchasing - expecting this to be the most challenging, found the hack kit on aliexpress but looking to do it so i have full functionality not just holding a temp

Any help and links would be massively helpful - I am now starting my research on these
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