DAB Radio - Phone

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DAB Radio - Phone

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Hi all, after some advice.
My Car is a 2016 GTI, radio wise, no sat nav, I'm not sure on radio version but CD player is in the glovebox.
So I've noticed two things.

1st my DAB radio seems weaker and wondering if there was any common problems, think I read maybe water in the roof aeria. But was that my year model?

2ed if I get in the car at the start of day, my bluetooth will connect. Drive like a hour or so, then stop for a hour get back in the car, but now the bluetooth will not be found, So I go in my phones bluetooth, and the cars bluetooths name has changed and need to be resynced?

My Mobile Samsung Galaxy S8.
Also maybe related but have noticed a shock as I exit the car sometimes probably not related.

Thanks in advance for the help
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