ABS warning light

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ABS warning light

Post by clees »

Hi guys,

Over the last couple of months my ABS light has come on and then gone off. It is off more than it is on but must come on for a reason??

Any help guys would be helpful!!

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Post by TheEggShell »

I've had a similar problem but it doesn't seem to have affected my breaking so I just ignored it thinking it's probably an electrical fault.
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Post by M@Turner »

About 9months ago i had a similar problem. Only difference was my ABS warning light came on all the time, as soon as i'd gone over 10mph!

After a couple of Vag diagnostics i gave it too VW to look at, After 6hours of tests and checks they sourced it down to the fuse box on top of the battery in the engine bay! Apparently the circuit had corroded slightly tripping one of the fuses. Apparently the ABS still worked fine but when the car reaches 10mph, the car checks the abs system. The fuse which had tripped though was part of the electrical circuit for the abs check though, so that was making the car think there was an abs problem!

So my advice to you would be check the fuse box on top of the battery. I found out this problem the hard way and got stung for a bill of £160. :evil:

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Post by polo_gti21 »

i have this on going problem just got used to it now light has been off for 18months now probley come on now but touch wood it dont. :lol:
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Post by kriswithak »

Sounds similar to the problem I used to have on the S2, that the BOMB needs repressurising, don't know whether the olop has a bomb though. But I have had this light come on in the gti, and I got rid the same way I did in the S2, by pumping the brake pedal when the car is off until it is hard, then the light goes out when you restart.
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Post by hurricane »

its more than likely a wheel speed sensor

Thats what mine was part is about £50 vw wanted £130 + vat for fittin it lol
uncle done it for me I ran mine for over a year with the abs light on

funny abs still worked ?

polo gti

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Post by dubpolo »

mine only comes on when people sit in the back :? :?

so im thinking its a rear speed sensor
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Post by Si_GTi »

dubpolo wrote:mine only comes on when people sit in the back :? :?
Same here mate, the connectors for the ABS sensors are under the rear bench you know...
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Rear seat

Post by Chris_GTI »

I had the same thing with the BS light going on when the kids were in the back.

Pull the back seat forward, and you'll find two connectors in possibly the most stupid place they could be located.

I disconnected both plugs and reconnected them - and the ABS light problem went away.

I had previously gone into my local VW dealer who had put on their diagnostics. Apparently there was "an intermittent fault with my rear ABS sensor" which would cost about £230 plus VAT to fix.

Of course, if this doesn't fix your problem, be careful, ABS is not a requirement for a car, but it makes it a lot safer.

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Re: ABS warning light

Post by lokesh »

I am also facing the abs intermittent issue. Changed 3 sets of ABS sensor and rear left ABS ring hub but still facing the same issue.
Vcds scan shows rear left abs sensor is faulty.( Intermittent signals)
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