Engine, EPC, ESP and Tire puncture. Shaking.

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Engine, EPC, ESP and Tire puncture. Shaking.

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Hi Guys,

I drive a 2012 Polo 1.2L petrol.

I recently bought the car and it was all good.

Than a week after I done a service where I changed: Oil, oil filter, petrol filter, cabin filter, all 3 ignition coils, all 3 spark plugs, and the O2 sensor before the Catalytic converter. It was also all good.

A week ago I changed the whole clutch kit and the other O2 sensor, the one after the catalytic convert. As soon as I drove out of the garage, I realised that the car is slightly shaking when it is stood still on low revs. If the car is moving it’s fine. If you rev the engine it’s also fine. However when the car is stood still and running on under 1000 rpm it shakes slightly.

After 20/30 minutes driving, the check engine, EPC, ESP and tire pressure warning lights pop up on the dashboard and the car begins to shake a lot and become sluggish. I need to stop, turn the engine off and wait 5-10 minutes. After that I turn it back on and all of the warming lights disappear and the car calms down the shaking however it still slightly shakes.

When the mechanic plugs in the computer it says that there is a misfire on the 2nd Cylinder. Spark plugs and ignition coils are new so they can’t cause the problem. We checked the fuel injectors and they are also fine.

Anyone know what the problem could be? Please let me know! It would really help!

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Re: Engine, EPC, ESP and Tire puncture. Shaking.

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Hi, I have the same issues as your car, but also don't know how to fix it. Did you solve the problem?
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Re: Engine, EPC, ESP and Tire puncture. Shaking.

Post by RUM4MO »

It would be a good plan for you to either buy a VW Group scan tool and use it to scan your car, or get someone with a VW Group scan tool to scan your car for logged faults.

Your problem could be as simple as a faulty ignition coil or a a faulty spark plug - but it could also be something more serious like low compression in one cylinder due to valve damage or valve guide wear.

So, if you can buy a compression tester cheaply, maybe your first job should be to buy one and check each of the cylinders to make sure that they are all nearly the same pressure during engine cranking.
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Re: Engine, EPC, ESP and Tire puncture. Shaking.

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I would try and recheck if everything is connected propperly. Recheck your (or your mechanics) work.

Dont discount that your new parts might be defective.

This is a long shot but:
Because 1.2 TSI engines are direct injection and EGR is a thing because of emissions you might have filthy valves which dont seal propperly.
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Re: Engine, EPC, ESP and Tire puncture. Shaking.

Post by mirceaculita »

Could also be an abs sensor on one of the wheels

On a second read, I don't know if that would cause the car to shake. I have seen those lights come on when an abs sensor was bad tho

Edit: NVM when the abs sensor is bad the steering wheel light comes on not the EPC.
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Re: Engine, EPC, ESP and Tire puncture. Shaking.

Post by iichel »

Read error codes in all modules... that's the only way to be sure
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