Drive Battery Voltage Fault?

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Drive Battery Voltage Fault?

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2005 Polo 9N (petrol) 102,843 miles.

Strange one a few days ago, daughter's nearside (passenger) window would not move up/down from mid position, operated perfectly a hour later, ambient temp was ~ 25C, interior of car probably 35/40C.
VCDS scan showed below fault, 5 year old battery (first replacement) 12.35V engine off, 14.0/14.2V idling (normal, like this for past 17 years)
reset code, not up since.
Address 09: Cent. Elect. Labels:. 6Qx-937-049-C.lbl
Part No: 6Q1 937 049 D
Component: 00AF BN-SG. 1S34
Coding: 25758
Shop #: WSC 00788
VCID: 3C2132AA0F762A8BD37-50AE
1 Fault Found:
01598 - Drive Battery Voltage
07-10 - Signal too Low - Intermittent

I thought I saw the battery voltage in (VCDS) engine measuring block 04 going briefly to 0V and back to 12.4V or whatever.

Checked battery clamps for tightness etc all OK as is wiring.
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