Polo MK5 subwoofer

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Polo MK5 subwoofer

Post by PowerDragon »

Hi all, my sister wants some bass in her Polo mk5 6R, but also wants to maximise her space, considering it's a small car already.
Traditonal boot subwoofer use far too much space. I've tried to find a wheel arch subwoofer, but cant find anything, just so I could evaluate if they would work, unless I have to make one but may sound s**t.

I've looked for underneath seat subs, but ones I've found are too thick and wont fit, plus I'm unsure how they would really sound.
My other crazy thought was, if possible, some high quality woofers or subs into the rear doors, perhaps one on each side, amped?
I'd probaby need to dampen them of course, but would that idea even work?

Anybody have any experience with this or ideas? Thanks
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Re: Polo MK5 subwoofer

Post by amer6R »

spare tire sub woofer oem?
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