6N - fitting mk5 lights (update with pics)

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Re: 6N - fitting mk5 lights (update with pics)

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This guide is useful but the pictures are not working. I think others have said so I’m sorry.

Will try with written instructions, thank you 🙏
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Re: 6N - fitting mk5 lights (update with pics)

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Hello im trying to do the same mod, by any chance do you have any images or tips on how to do the wiring and the trimming for the lights to fit? Id really appriciate any help.
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Re: 6N - fitting mk5 lights (update with pics)

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Maybe I still have some pictures somewhere
Trimming is needed for the screwhole towards the center of the car. The screwpart has to go into the hole that was made bigger. Then use washers before fitting the nut on.
In the back of the units you have to trim back the inner part that touches the car.

Pinout I have to dive in my archives. Both sides need 2 wires to change. On one side you have to trim back to 2 notches on the plug.
On 6N1 the plugs are mirrored, in the 6N2 they are Both sides the same

My result back in the day
IMG_20140430_055646.jpg (136.21 KiB) Viewed 811 times
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