Clutch problem.

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Clutch problem.

Post by Dave68 »

Hello all members,
This is my first post, been a forum member since oct 21 and really glad I joined some great stuff on here.
I have a 2006 1.4se 16v 9n3 75bhp the cars done 124000 and I change oil and filters myself, brakes, etc, etc.
The problem I have is I think my clutch is on its way out, high revs not a lot of mph until I go through gears gently and revs and speed pick up.
Cut along story short I've bought a LUK clutch from GSF car parts, and I'm sure the ones online for my make and model have clutch depression cover with 28 teeth and the one I've been given only has 12 teeth they said it fitted my vehicle I picked it up in store asked the bloke if it had 28 teeth he said it did, got home and found it hadn't :oops: :evil:
Can anyone please advise if it can be used or if I'm going back to demand the correct one, or get a refund and go else where, oh by the way the clutch kit they gave me is a LUK REPSET MODEL NO 620 3322 00.
any advise welcome
thanks in advance
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Re: Clutch problem.

Post by Euler2 »

Hi Dave,
If you go on the LUK online catalogue you will find it is the correct clutch kit, or click on the link below. ... v-TA-16300
Click on the green link next to the red car check it is your car.
OR go to their home page
and type in your REG plate it will identify your correct clutch kit.

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