No Mud flaps available for the R line Polo

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No Mud flaps available for the R line Polo

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Today i am informed by the dealer that the mud flaps as listed for the R line Polo are not available as they are unsuitable for the R line and the Polo GTI, it seems strange as they are listed as an option on the VW site for the R Line model, If it is true that they cannot supply them does anybody know of any after market flaps that will fit a Polo R line model
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Re: No Mud flaps available for the R line Polo

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No, there aren’t genuine VW mud flaps for the R Line or GTI. It’s because the R Line and GTI have different shaped sills (they’ve got the black sill extensions) and different rear bumpers to the other Polo models, so the genuine VW generic mud flaps for the Polo won’t fit.

Unless you live in a very rural area where the roads are often covered in mud, I personally wouldn’t bother about mud flaps. I used to be a firm believer of having mud flaps on my cars for many years until I bought a previous generation Polo GTI in 2016. VW didn’t have mud flaps for that model either for the same reason (sill extensions and different rear bumper). I have to say in all honesty that that car and my current Polo GTI+ don’t get any dirtier than previous cars I owned that had mud flaps fitted. I’ve also not had any issues with stone chips along the sides of the car or the sills from stones flicked up by the wheels because my car doesn’t have mud flaps.

Whether mud flaps are fitted or not, the rear of the car will still get dirty when the roads are wet - especially at this time of year. The ‘two box’ shape of hatchback cars means that when the car is moving forward, the airflow over the car creates a low pressure area immediately behind it that sucks dirt onto the tailgate and rear screen. Mud flaps won’t stop that happening.
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