Polo 6N2 how to install car alarm system

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Polo 6N2 how to install car alarm system

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Hello i have polo 6N2 and the central locking pump 1H0962257F and i want to install central locking alarm with remote control .Can anyone help how to connect it ?
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Re: Polo 6N2 how to install car alarm system

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I don't know how technical you are or if you have any experience installing these type of devices. But if you are not, please save yourself the trouble and take the car to an installation shop who can do it for you. In many cases they will give you a reasonable price. I know for a fact (and sadly from own experience) that this kind job needs to be spot on. The last thing you want is having your car not start when you need it most or the alarm going off in the middle of the night waking up the whole neighborhood. Otherwise you can try and find a Votex set. These are easier to install, many VW's from this era have them and it works in tandem with your pneumatic pump :mrgreen:

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