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MIH11MI6 > Seat Ibiza 6J AWD 2.0TSI EA113 Converted > OEM+

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On iichels request, I have decided to document my build in a more detailed manner.

So... an overview

I have a 2010 Seat Ibiza 6J, which was originally a 2.0TDI CFHD, front wheel drive, overall great car.

I decided to all wheel drive convert the car in August 2020, taking me 9 months to complete. I will overview some of that later.


I will overview the list of mods below and will add posts as I make them.

Engine and Powertrain
  • 2.0TSI EA113 CDLC on CDLJ engine management (from polo WRC Street) (swap in progress but is running)
    Enhanced Turbo Hybrid Anti Surge K04 core
    Cleaned and tested K04 injectors
    (079130757) - RS4 Fuel pressure return valve
    5mm fuel return mod (on HPFP)
    (06F145710G) - Rev G diverter valve
    (06F129101R) - Rev R PCV
    Sachs race single mass flywheel and SRE organic clutch
    Polo WRC inlet and 2.0tdi airbox
    Polo WRC lower inlet pipe
    Mamba Turbo muffler delete
    Tac Engineering custom 3" downpipe (AWD compatible)
    EA113 TTS engine cover
    NGK BKR7EIX spark plugs
    (07L905115B) - genuine Audi R8 coil packs
    VIS Balance shaft freewheel delete.
Drivetrain modifications
  • Audi S1 rear subframe
  • Audi S1 front subframe
  • Audi s1 front anti roll bar
  • Audi S3 8P rear differential and haldex
  • Audi S3 8P Shortened driveshaft
  • Audi S3 8P 02Q 6MT Gearbox with modified 0A8 gearbox mount bracket
  • 0A8 Ibiza shifter modified to fit 02Q gearbox
  • Audi A3 8P Quattro transfer case
  • Shortened Audi TT 8N OSF driveshaft
  • solid front prop shaft donut
  • flattened boot for AWD
  • Audi S1 fuel tank and custom filler neck
  • Audi S3 8P primary lift pump
  • Audi TTS 8J secondary suction lift pump
  • Audi S3 8P 310mm vented rear brakes (modified discs to 5x100
  • Seat Ibiza 6J AERA wheels, 17x7J ET43 with Michelin PS4/5 tyres (205/40/ZR17)
  • Audi S1 rear ABS brake lines
  • Audi S1 handbrake cables
  • Custom chassis work to fit rear subframe
  • BC Racing ultralow BR series Coilovers (7/6 spring rate)
  • Porsche 17Z front brakes with 334mm mk4 golf R32 discs
  • Haldex ECU wiring retrofit
  • Van der veer gen 2 haldex standalone controller
  • Electric power steering conversion (ongoing)
  • ESP 8.2i backwards retrofit (easier to code than 9.0i and worked well with AWD solution)
Interior Retrofits
  • Interior paint matched to outside (Bentley Amber)
    6J facelift cupra full wiring harness (converted to manual and then to EA113 CDLJ)
    6J Cupra black sunroof headliner
    6J cupra black sun visors
    6J cupra A and C pillars
    Alcantara wrapped B pillar trims
    Alcantara wrapped dash panel insert
    6J Cupra PFL black dash
    paint matched vents
    K1 mk2 Leon cupra seats with paint matched backs and airbags retained
    Ateca Cupra PFL MFSW steering wheel with 5F Leon airbag
    6J Facelift Steering angle sender
    Seat Toledo NH Facelift Instrument cluster (petrol)
    (7E0937090C) - T6 BCM
    Auto lights retrofit
    Anti dazzle rear view mirror (with black surround)
    RLS retrofit
    Cupra black door cards and Alcantara wrapped inserts
    Gloss black inner door handles
    Golf mk7 6MT gear knob
    Sony XAV8050D 10" head unit
    Facelift 6J climate control unit
    Glovebox light retrofit
    6J Ibiza Heated seat retrofit module and hazard switch into K1 seats
    Cupra black interior carpet
    JBL Stage 600CE component speakers and tweeters
    LED boot light
    Air conditioned HVAC feed pipe into glove box
    Genuine 6J battery relocation to boot
Exterior Retrofits
  • Bentley - Amber By Mulliner custom paint
    Custom front lights with Bixenon projectors, switchback DRLs and grooved halo DRLs.
    Ibiza SC 6J pano sunroof retrofit
    Facelift Ibiza 6J LED tail lights
    (1K8943021C) - genuine VW scirocco LED number plate lights
    Ibiza 6J Rear PDC
    Ibiza 6J winter pack screenwash bottle (5L)
    Ibiza 6J washer bottle level sensor
    Ibiza 6J heated washer jets
    Ibiza 6J coolant level sensor
    Smoothed 6J Cupra PFL front bumper with fog lights delete and lower DRL retrofit
    Seat Leon 5F mirror retrofit with side repeaters
    Side repeater delete in front wings
    Smoothed side skirts
    85% tinted rear quarter and front quarter windows
    Maxton side skirt extensions
    TRC front splitter
    Seat Ibiza 6J aero rear spoiler (smoothed)
    Seat Ibiza 6J Cupra Rear bumper
    Smoothed filler flap
    aerial delete and smoothed roof
I think thats it for now, took a while to remember all the things done on a 5 year build. as I add and change things I will continue to build up this list!
Questions, queries and debates are always welcome, I have built the car to be the ultimate fast road/street car, exactly fit to my specification!
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