Windows Not Working

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Windows Not Working

Post by Stewie2k7 »

2006 Polo 9n3 1.2 3cyl

My Windows Have Been Working Intermediately The Last 8 Months and Fully The Last 3

I've Gone Through Many Similar Topics and Tried Their Solutions But To No Avail
  • I've Changed The Window Switch
    I've Soldered New Capacitor And Relay To Window Reg MOBO
    I've Changed The Window Motor
    I've Cleaned, Repaired and Repined Both Female and Male Connectors for A-Pillar to Door Loom Connectors
The Strange Thing Is if i Disconnect and Reconnect The Battery, The Window Will Work For 5 Minutes Before It seems absolutely dead (No sound of the motor or response)

Is the something to do with the ECU or a Control Module that I'm not aware of ? do i need to plug it into a pc or something?

I'm Really at my wits end and any help would be greatly appreciated

Many Thanks

Stewie :cry:
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