Throttle Pedal adjustment

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Throttle Pedal adjustment

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Hi Everyone

I have just received my Polo back from my partner whilst she has maintained the car with servicing etc it is in need of a little TLC before I sadly sell it on
One of the things I noticed is there is a huge amount of play in the throttle pedal, insofar you can pull it up by about 30 degrees
is there a way of adjusting the throttle pedal?
its' a 2000 SE Auto 1.4, I think it's an electric throttle?
Many thanks
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Re: Throttle Pedal adjustment

Post by sandshoes09 »

These polos don’t have a throttle cable, it’s controlled electronically and has a throttle control sensor at the top of the accelerator pedal linked to the ECU to the throttle body. There is a bit of play on the pedal, I have a GTI which does lift towards you quite a bit.Image
From Haynes manual.
From Haynes manual.
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