Polo 6C WRC style blue clock needles & LED's

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Polo 6C WRC style blue clock needles & LED's

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This is a custom made set of genuine VW Polo 6C WRC style blue needles and LED's. I spent hours & hours searching online for some for a Polo and the only ones I found were never in stock, so set about making my own for my Polo 6R. Then when I went to fit them, I found the 6C needles didn't fit my 6R clocks which is why I'm selling these. You need the needles and the blue LED's for them to light up blue during the day and night. A very cool mod to make your Polo different from the rest!

Please note this is for just the needles and LED's, not the actual clocks-the photos of the clocks is my 6R ones, but shows how they would look (obviously 6C clocks are a slightly different style). These will not fit a 6R!

The photo of the needles and LED's on their own, are the actual items for sale.

-£90 + postage.
35A8FC50-9091-4E4B-AC89-D7E5DB094943 (1).jpeg
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