Cleaning Upholstery

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Cleaning Upholstery

Post by Sadgeek »


Any recommendations for a wet'n dry vac to get my seats and carpets cleaned?

I've got a aquavac that is just too bulky to use inside, and I'm hoping that someone will know of anything smaller.

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Post by Scorpio1 »

I know it sounds silly, but a much cheaper way is, a can of Groom and a soft interior brush. Much quicker and cheaper I have found.

But if you really do want a vac, maybe try Argos etc
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Post by hayesey »

i just use the spray-can upholstery cleaner u can buy. spray it on & then brush it off. seems to work fine. dont u have a nozzle attachment thingy on ur aqua-vac u can use??
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Post by simon pope »

cleaned my car seats yesterday using a VAX cleaner and ol my god were they s**t, started in the back seats but they were not too bad, when i came to do the front seats it was just like i had filled the bucket with a muddy puddle, they were proper bogging, it was quite embarrasing really, now they are spotles again, so a VAX is highly recommended so much better than the s**t u get in cans!!!!!
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Re: Cleaning Upholstery

Post by john41 »


Can you suggest me some homemade techniques to clean Professional carpet cleaning Kamloopsthe carpet and not destroying the texture of carpet? Once I tried to clean my carpet on my own but my carpet was destroyed completely. So now I don't want to do that again.

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Re: Cleaning Upholstery

Post by alexperkins »

A decent auto interior shampoo (either foam based in a can, or spray based like Autoglym interior shampoo) and a soft brush works well
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Re: Cleaning Upholstery

Post by christies »

I found this general article about carpet cleaning - ... -cleaning/ to have helped me a lot since I wanted to do the same.
It's important to use the right vac that has strong suction, tight filters in it, and strong products since you can get a smell that you wouldn't want after they are dry. I made that mistake once, so keep that in mind.
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