R8 ignition coils in the Polo 6R GTI. Conversion.

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R8 ignition coils in the Polo 6R GTI. Conversion.

Post by ciclo » Sun Mar 11, 2018 8:38 am


This post is merely informative, comes from a great German friend, Holger, and my only intención is to show his good work with pictures.

I copy and paste his email here.


As you know, the 1.4 GTI Twin-Charger has a heat problem. This causes problems with the spark plugs.
Since I have already rebuilt a lot to eliminate these problems, I have now rebuilt the last stage to improve the engine.

Here is the instructions for the conversion R8 ignition coils in the Polo 6R GTI:

“Having worked hard in the past on the durability of the Polo 6R GTI engine and carried out various modifications that have a positive effect on the durability / performance of the engine, the hopefully last mod on this topic has now been implemented.
R8 ignition coils in the Polo 6R GTI ...
The background is that the original ignition coils have a resistance of 3.3 ohms and the R8 ignition coils have a resistance of 5.3 ohms,
which thus provide a better spark, which is not negligible in conjunction with the NGK BKR8EIX spark plugs.
The candle image should now look as it should ...

For this I first got the adapter from TMG Performance and NGK R8 ignition coils.

Conversion :arrow: All pictures here

-Output state see Figure 1
-First, the wiring harness must be exposed, so from the original fixation (Figure 2)
-Then remove the ignition coils with the puller and unclip the plugs (Fig. 3)
-To make room, the charge pressure valve must be loosened and set up in the holder (Figure 4)
-Now to pincer the cables according to plan (see attachment)
- remove the fixation, then looks like in Figure 6
-Ignition spark plugs change (tightening torque 25 Nm), I went from NGK BKR7EIX to NGK BKR8EIX, so from heat value 7 to 8, original candles are installed with a heat value of 6
-Adapter installation, wrap the wiring harness with fabric tape and fix with 2 cable ties if necessary, since now the original fixation is missing, insert R8 ignition coils (overview picture 7)
-To fit the engine cover again, the whole now has a higher design, the upper retaining tab must be removed from the boost valve (Figure 8 and the lower bracket of the engine cover with a mother be underlaid
-End result Figure 9

Test drive performed, all well, the engine is better on the gas and affects me a little more agile.”

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