VW Polo 9n3 - Antiroll bar Bush replacement

Post Instructions on DIY modifications here - use all information with caution!
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VW Polo 9n3 - Antiroll bar Bush replacement

Post by JackFoster » Sun Mar 11, 2018 10:03 pm

  • Hi there! This is my video of me replacing my Antiroll Bar Bushes on my Polo 9N3.
    Hope this helps anyone needing to replace there bushes!
    Many Thanks

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Re: VW Polo 9n3 - Antiroll bar Bush replacement

Post by RUM4MO » Sat Mar 17, 2018 2:41 pm

I don't want to stifle your enthusiasm but, please do stop posting videos that claim to help/show people how to do work on their cars. Never ever use basic house bricks to serve as a back up to a jack when working near/on/under a car, the welded seam would cut through these bricks like a knife through butter.

Also, maybe your next plan should be to buy a Haynes repair manual as clearly you have not got a clue on how to perform some simple tasks on your car, you should have jacked that car up on both sides, fitted axle stands before starting that job, firstly to be working safely and secondly, as you discovered, to stop the ARB loading up and making removing the bracket a bit impossible.

Actually, maybe you should just remove that video as it could cause someone harm to follow your instructions.

Finally, I'm not convinced that the ARB on that car is not still the original one which should have had a plastic fixed end stop on it - that has split and fallen off or has been picked/broken off to disguise that fact. If that is so, then that ARB does not now have any end stops to stop it walking from side to side, maybe check up on that - the proper fix for that is to replace the ARB with a later version that has welded end stops - or get someone to weld some steel end stops on it.

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