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Active Info Display

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Do I add the Active Info Display?

Poll ended at Mon Apr 23, 2018 3:16 pm

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Active Info Display

Post by CP_Vaughny » Mon Apr 16, 2018 3:16 pm


Last week I ordered a new Polo, R-Line. This will be my first car and I'm so excited, so excited that the 20 week wait did little to dent my giddy-ness. The only option I added was the black roof pack to energetic orange Polo R-Line, the contrast colour roof and side mirrors give the already sporty looking Polo an extra little something.

So, the reason for this thread.

Since I've put in my order I've been having this 'back and forth' in my head regarding the Active Info Display. Is it worth it or not? My instinct was not. I, like most my age and below will mostly use Apple Carplay and Android Auto for media and navigation. The the current gen of Active Info Display doesn't allow 3rd party navigation to be displayed on it and all reviews I've seen of the Active Info Display really only discuss the merits of having that navigation display integrated into the cockpit. The Active Info Display is a £300(ish) option whereas the the Nav is north of £600 but if the cheaper option isn't worth having because I'm not willing to pay £600 for something I don't need, is that a waste?

The flip side is digital cockpits aren't future tech, they're the present. Cars from all different manufactures including the VW with the Golf R are now fitting these as standard. Digital cockpit's software should be able to be updated electronically (I'm unaware whether VW have ever used this) so should the tech allow, updates and increased customisation may be forthcoming. So my issue will be, in 4-5 years time, will the interior of my R-Line Polo look wildly outdated?

According to the dealer I still have time to add options, do I add it?

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Re: Active Info Display

Post by kerby » Mon Apr 16, 2018 4:35 pm

I've ordered a Polo SE and one of the extras I've chosen is active info. I was unsure initially if to get the display as when I placed the order I was informed they was unable to put it through their system (back in January) and it could cause a long delay; however, I did go for it in the end.

Although I'm on a budget at the time of ordering I decided I wanted a car with some of the most interesting tech of this generation and to me that includes an active info display. I still haven't received the car and like you have wondered if it was really a worthwhile purchase because as you say you need the additional £650 navigation package to put sat nav on it (which I didn't opt for). I'm still happy with the choice as I never wanted the discovery pack because Google maps through Android Auto are far superior to VW maps so I doubt I'd be using the £650 package for any other reason than looking at a nice looking map on the default display.

I think it'll still add value without discovery package. I remember sitting in the Golf model with the digital display and it looked incredible and I hope the Polo has the same impact. It might also future proof the car a couple of years down the line when it becomes more standard.

Who knows, it might be possible to retro fit in the discovery head unit at a later date to enable this functionality.
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Re: Active Info Display

Post by kerby » Mon Apr 16, 2018 4:40 pm

I should also add, if I remember correctly, that the standard ~2" digital display in-between the hardware clusters is black and white.

The active info will enhance the cockpit with a ~8" digital colour display and (I hope) show some great colour displays such as current station/tracks being played and adaptive cruise control distance. Even without satellite navigation it will still have value.

mike sel
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Re: Active Info Display

Post by mike sel » Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:08 pm

So I ordered an SEL, it comes with VW maps as standard. I also ordered the active info display. I also ordered the drive mode function. (I ordered a lot more toys too but I'm sticking to the relevant ones for this post).

The active info only works with VW maps and this version of VW maps are not as good as Google through my iPhone (but future ones may be better and I can upload them). When the other half wants her music on I can still have VW maps on my active info screen while she plays with the music on "her" screen. Plus I get to view all the data I need without looking across too the 8" screen.

Equally as importantly in driver function mode the active info dials change colour depending what driving mode you are in. So red for Sport, Blue for normal etc.

I also like the idea that as new software comes out I will be able to upload the new active info display should I chose too.

I get the physical dials will give a lovely retro feel in a couple of years but I'm not really a retro kind of person.

Go on then I admit it, its super effin cool as well. just for that alone I chose to blow £300 on it. I don't not want to be looking at the physical dials one day and just know I should have gone active info. :D :D

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