Failed MOT - Engine Management Lamp NOT Coming On!

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Failed MOT - Engine Management Lamp NOT Coming On!

Post by Exinferis » Wed Jun 13, 2018 5:48 pm

Hi all,

I've just taken my 6N for it's annual MOT and it failed because the Engine Management Light didn't flick on and off when the ignition is turned. Now, I've had this car for over 9 years now and that light has NEVER come on, ever. In fact, I had to look up the new MOT rules just to find out what the hell it was! The tester told me it should come on and go off on ignition, just like the seatbelt light, but, like I say, it's never done it.

I am LIVID that my otherwise roadworthy (and in the words of the tester, excellent condition) Polo failed because of this. I could understand a fail if the light was constantly on, but this? This is ridiculous!

So, is this light meant to come on on ignition? If so, why has it never done it before? How can I fix it? If it's not meant to come on, how do I convince the tester it's not meant to? (I trust the garage, they've never stiffed me.) There's nothing in the Haynes manual about it that I can find and I can't seem to find any answers online so hope someone here can advise me.

Thanks in advance,
[Very frustrated!] Ex.

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Re: Failed MOT - Engine Management Lamp NOT Coming On!

Post by alexperkins » Fri Jun 22, 2018 11:39 am

6Ns do not have an engine management light. Some cars do not have an engine management light, VWs made prior to 2001 generally do not have one fitted

Call your local VW dealer and ask them to email you a statement from the master tech to this effect. They cannot fail you on this.

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