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Newbie questions

Post by Росен.Тотев » Tue Jan 15, 2019 5:59 pm

Hello Polo guys, I'm Ross from Bulgaria, 25..

As a newbie I have a few questions regarding the Polo AFH.
1. Is there an alternative throttle body (maybe a bigger one) in case of faults as the new ones here are stupid expensive?
2. Is there Polo GTI gear ratios similar with other engine combinations?
3. Is the 1.6 16v regular mainstream engine equally reliable for AFH conversion for high RPM use. Will 7500-8000rpm be okay for short bursts?
4. After 1.6 internals in the AFH block will it run fine on fuel/electric system?

Thanks all in advance, I've been through the search engine but didnt specifically find answers to my question. I want a revvy fastish daily light on the wallet as my goal is the 8l S3 in the future. Apologies for the spelling mistakes if any...


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