Clicking sound from dash engine cranks but won't start

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Clicking sound from dash engine cranks but won't start

Post by nurumus » Sun Feb 03, 2019 4:20 pm

Polo Mk4 9n. When tuning key to start the engine cranks and turns but does not fire up. A big clicking sound in the dashboard which might be a relay is sounding. Dashboard also has a circle with a "clock" showing 7:20 and en exclamation mark to the side in the dash board. Before this I made a mistake while trying to get the battery out to change the reverse light switch for the reverse white lights; I undid the positive wire to the battery and accidentally touch metal with the wrench and a spark came flying out. I instinctively knew this might be bad and I reassempled every back and tried starting the car upon which I experienced afore mentioned problem. Any ideas? Great if you have any hints and can show relay diagram or similar in case it is "only" a relay which has gone bad.

BTW. My car looks like this:

So it must me a 9N model mk4?

So I hope I am posting in the right topic section.

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