BlueGT Wheel Colour

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BlueGT Wheel Colour

Post by hrstaines » Wed Jan 15, 2020 11:53 am


I'm new to the forum as just purchased my VW Polo BlueGT 2016 second hand last week.
When I brought the car home and washed it for the first time I noticed that the front drivers side wheel is lighter than the other three wheels. It looks as if that wheel is silver and the other three wheels are the anthracite (grey) colour.

Has anyone else noticed this about theirs? When I moved it when the wheel was facing the other direction it wasn't so clear.
I have contacted the person I bought it off and there is no record at all of them changing the wheel to a silver wheel or refurbishment etc.

Another one I have seen for sale on auto trader looks as if it has the same issue from the uploaded photos.


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Re: BlueGT Wheel Colour

Post by SRGTD » Wed Jan 15, 2020 1:43 pm

The Montani alloys fitted to the BlueGT were available in either Anthracite or Silver, and the Silver version is noticeably lighter than the Anthracite version. I would be surprised if a different coloured wheel had been fitted in error in the factory when the car was built, so if one of the wheels is a different colour, then it does suggest it’s a replacement, or it’s been refurbished at some point - but in the wrong colour.

Did you buy the car from a private seller or a dealer? If a dealer, then it’s quite possible that they wouldn’t have a record of one wheel being refurbished or replaced (unless it was them that replaced / refurbished it), although you’d hope they would have noticed the odd wheel when they prepared the car for sale. As you only got the car a week ago, I’d be taking it back and asking them to get the wheel refinished in the correct colour so it matches the other three.

If you bought the car from the previous owner as a private sale, if they were the first owner, then they should certainly know if they’d had a wheel replaced or refurbished. If they weren’t the first owner, then I’d be surprised if they hadn’t noticed the shade / colour difference (I would have, but then I’ve got car OCD! 😀).

Whether it’s been replaced, refurbished or not, I’d want it to be the same colour as the rest of the wheels. To get it refurbished to match the other wheels, if you have to get it done yourself then you’re probably looking at a cost of around £70+VAT for a top quality job. However, I’d want the refurb company to confirm they could pretty much guarantee they could get the colour match correct.

Good luck. I hope you get it sorted. Please keep the forum updated on progress and the outcome.

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