Driving modes

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Driving modes

Post by Adeyfred »

Hi all
Quick question please...can you change driving modes whilst the car is in motion or do you have to be stationary?
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Re: Driving modes

Post by S_94 »

Yep. You can change the modes when driving.
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Re: Driving modes

Post by OomStu_ZA »

you can change modes while in motion.
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Re: Driving modes

Post by monkeyhanger »

Change whilemoving by pressing the mode button repeatedly to cycle to the one you want. Why you'd want to change it mid-journey is beyond me.

Leave it in Sport or an individual mode that puts the dampers into normal, turns the soundaktor to eco and leaves everything else In Sport.

In Eco, you'll get marginal benefits coasting, but unless you find that ideal slight gradient whereby the frictional losses are just about overcome to keep your car speed constant downhill, you'll pick up speed, apply the brakes and coasting will stop. Other than that, you'll have a very dulled throttle response that'll have you pressing the throttle harder to get the same performance.

In normal, you get no coasting, but a medium dulled throttle, so again, you'll be pressing it harder to get the same performance.

In Sport, if you drive in the same way as you would in any other mode, you'll be pressing the throttle less. That coasting mode and holding onto the gears a little longer if the gearbox is in eco mode might give you a 2%.mpg advantage over Sport, and a very dull throttle.

Pick a profile and stick with it, being able to change gearbox mode between D and S by just pulling the selector back against the spring tension is far more useful.
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