Brake pad sensor

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Brake pad sensor

Post by Jdub »

Hi, new here, always had older vw cars, my daughter has a 2006 1.4 with rear drums. My problem is that the pad wear sensor light keeps coming up, I have joined the wires together and reconnected the sensor but light stays off until the wheels are turned left. Any ideas on fault?
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Re: Brake pad sensor

Post by iichel »

broken wire perhaps in the loom?
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Re: Brake pad sensor

Post by nzozwoho »

I have been doing this for a long time and every time I replace the pads, I replace the wear sensor (a $10 item).

So, today the brake light is on, I removed the front wheel, sure enough wear sensor is making contact with the front rotors. The pad has about 4mm remaining, which I think is a waste b/c it has has some meat left.

Volvo service manual (and virtually all cars) say replace when pad is down to 2mm.

My basic calculation shows that for my driving: new pad is 11mm, after 60K miles, it is down to 4mm. In other words, for my driving style 60K/7mm = I get 8500 miles for each 1mm of wear.

I have a thought for the purists and conservatives.

- If you have about 5mm left, pull the brake pad sensor from its location and hang it out of the way to save it from wear/tear. You save $10 on the sensor.

- Considering that Pagid front pad is $55, so it is $5.0 for each mm. Now you can get another 3mm (i.e. from 5mm to 2m) out of the pad, you save another $15. Also, you don't have to touch the brake pads for another 8500 miles x 3 = 25K miles.

- Make a reminder note (e.g., masking tape note on door jamb so you remember) to replace pads in 25K miles. Or simply check the pad thickness every few months with a mirror.

I am not cheap but just want to make a point LOL...

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