Primer for alloy wheels

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Primer for alloy wheels

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I need some advice on re-painting my alloys.
I've flatted the paint and because of curbing damage a lot of the rim is now bare alloy. When i painted alloys in the past i used an etch primer but now i've ready that you can't use etch primer if there is paint already on the wheel because it will lift the edges of the existing paint.

Has anyone ever experienced this?

I don't need the finish to last for ever, if in a couple of years it start peeling off i'm not concerned, it might rust away before then. But if the paint peels during or immediately after painting i won't be happy.

Is it a better compromise to use a standard primer and hope it sticks to the bare alloy?

Epoxy primers that are recommended are prohibitively expensive.

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Re: Primer for alloy wheels

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Etch primer has acid in it and it may react with other paint, and bubble.
Use 2K Epoxy primer, you can use 1K epoxy but, after spraying leave it 10 days to dry because it shrinks.

Also good rust inhibitor and cheap Zinc spray
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