Help with new head unit in Polo 2013 1.2 TDI

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Help with new head unit in Polo 2013 1.2 TDI

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I purchased a new Pioneer Apple carplay unit and had it installed at halfords in the UK. The problem I have is that the car is a diesel and when starting it from cold the glo plugs take a while to warm and this short time seems to interfere with the boot sequence of the unit. If the key is switched to ignition on, the glo plugs warm up and the head unit switches on and starts to boot, however when the glo plugs are warm and the light goes out I proceed to turn the car to start and the unit goes off and then takes over a minute to boot, closer to 90 seconds. If the car is warm the glo plug light goes out quicker and the unit boots in its normal time. I think the issue is that the unit is not fully booted when the car is cold but is far enough along the sequence to then need to shutdown properly. The starting of the car switches the head unit back off before powering it back up once started, so the key sequence is off - acc (radio off) - ignition (radio starts to boot) on (radio goes off before booting) - start and it's the ignition on to start that's upsetting the boot sequence. Is there an alternative switched live that the unit can be wired to in the fuse box that stays live during that sequence?

It's annoying because you can get a mile up the road before the unit comes back on.

The boot sequence works when the car is warm and the glo plugs need less time to warm up.


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