Polo 6C: Air conditioning

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Polo 6C: Air conditioning

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Hello guys !

Last Friday I let my car to my local dealer to check my A/C system.
After 8 years of service without any control and summer incoming, I didn't want to take any risk.

Even the A/C is running every day to maintain all seals in good condition and was always cold.

After the maintenance, my dealer said "Over the 500 gr of gas from factory, we were able to remove 440 gr"
At least, not bad after 8 years.

The A/C was after, properly refilled with gas and oil for the compressor.

Today I take the care for a little ride and turn on A/C. And strangely I find that it is less cold than before.
It's struggle to cool down the car, with a temp outside of only 22-25 degres.

With my OBDEleven I checked the A/C system and the temp in the outlet of the evaporator was (with A/C max cold and Fan max) 2-3 degrees (4-5 when car is static)
and a pressure of 12 Bars when I launch the system (when I drive, pressure drops at around 7-8 bars).

The system was refilled with the right gas for my system, the R134a.

I'm thinking of going back to the dealership to share my feelings with them.
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