Vw polo 62 plate help please ?

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Vw polo 62 plate help please ?

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Hi everyone,

I have a vw polo on a 62 plate, have had this for sometime never had any issues up until a week ago, the light bulb on the dash showed up so I gathered a light bulb was out. Eventually working out what light was out I found that the rear x3 brake lights would not work when applying the foot brake pedal.

So I had a look at the fuses and found fuse number 43 to be blown as soon as I replaced it with the same fuse type and depressed the foot brake pedal the fuse went again. I gather its short to ground, when I test for short to ground there is nothing I suspect the lower terminal on the fuse box is touching another wire and shorting out??

One thing I have noticed when I disconnect the brake light switch at the master cylinder and then switch the ignition the fuse will blow straight away with out even depressing the foot brake pedal!

In the fuse box there is a 12 volt supply bus which reads 12 volts, the lower terminal in the fuse location goes up into the dash board.

Anyone one had this before? Any ideas if this is a common issue?
I could do with a wiring diagram if anyone has one would really appreciate this ?

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Re: Vw polo 62 plate help please ?

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Not used this site myself and is pay to view, but looks comprehensive. Check them out for reviews before you part with cash. Only $15. https://portal-diagnostov.com/

The rear light clusters are known to fail with water ingress so just check the connector where the loom connects is dry with no rust staining. Possible red herring, but only other thing I can think of is as a it’s a hatchback then the wiring to the number plate illumination goes in via roof then the hinge, and can fail. Are they out too? :roll:
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