Instrument cluster (no green blinker light)

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Instrument cluster (no green blinker light)

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Hi guys,

Have a question, maybe someone had this before, but I cannot find anything related even close.

I have a problem in my instrument cluster, the green indicator light for left turn, (green arrow) is not working

Sometimes it was working, like strobe, I thought it is the led bulb, I heated the solder on the legs, and it worked for 2 weeks or so

After sometime it went off again, and whatever I do I cant make it to work.
If I give 12v directly to the bulb, it works
If I give 12v directly to the board ”lines” that comes from the led bulb, they also work, which in my mind means that bulb is intact, also the roads are intact

Right indicator works well, as well as every other light

Also the hornes are not working (maybe related, most likely not)

To change the speedo it seems a bit pia, as it will get very expensive very fast (used speedo + coding keys)
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