Gear change and no springyness on gear stick

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Gear change and no springyness on gear stick

Post by Weebrads » Sun Nov 10, 2019 2:11 pm

Newbie here so be gentle lol

The gear selection was rough until I followed a guide on here about greasing the selectors under the battery tray which has helped but I suspect its the ball type mechanism under the gear lever that's worn or at least the arm off the side I, the gear lever has no springy Ness that helps it return to neutral, has any body a guide on how to change it or is it a bit of a stretch for a DIYer like myself.

If any of the terms I've used offend to describe my issue please feel free to correct me lol

I've attached a pic and it can be seen where the spring is has worn but also the ball joint type thing on the bracket to the side.

Cheers in advance

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Re: Gear change and no springyness on gear stick

Post by RUM4MO » Mon Nov 11, 2019 9:50 pm

Maybe consider buying the Haynes manual for this car to help you, or buy a complete proper workshop manual from easymanuals, even cheaper register with Erwin VW and download the same manual - though the easier option is to buy from easymanuals.

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