Mk2 Polo Paint code!

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Mk2 Polo Paint code!

Post by HarryCoupar »

Hello I have a Mk2 polo Breadvan [Non face lift] with a missing paint code sticker!

Its H reg [1990-1991]

The colour is a dark blue and from what i see non metallic if anyone knows what the paint code is or where to find it, that would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks Harry :D
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Re: Mk2 Polo Paint code!

Post by SRGTD »

You’ve said that you don’t have a paint code sticker. VW used to provide two data stickers for their cars - one located on the boot floor or in the spare wheel well and the other in the service book. If you don’t have either of these, then there’s a 2004 thread that lists paint colours, this list was taken from a Golf forum so may not list the colour and paint code of your Polo if the colour of your car wasn’t a VW Golf colour.


Failing that, your local VW dealer should be able to tell you or find out your paint code, or a good bodyshop should also be able to help.

Alternatively, if you’re able to post a picture of your car, there maybe another forum member who owns (or has owned) a Polo that’s the same colour as yours who’ll know what colour it is.
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